About Us:



VK Attorneys strives to become one of the household names when it comes to providing legal assistance in Family Law and Litigation matters.
We are a firm dedicated to providing legal services with a fresh and modern approach by ensuring that clients are able to communicate with us via various communication canals including our interactive website.

At our firm we are aware of the value of having regular personal interaction with your legal representative.
We have an open culture at VK Attorneys with an underlying sence of sophistication. We strive to provide high-end legal assistance with an inviting atmosphere where our clients become part of our family.

With our passion and knowledge of the Law we are well on our way to achieve our goal of becoming the "go-to" law firm in Pretoria for Family Law matters with a client base consisting of people from various backgrounds and we believe that our success will grow in the coming years to provide the same services for other residential communities by having branch offices in Sandton and the West Rand.


The foundation of VK Attorneys consists out of a combination of: Passion, Dedication, Knowledge and Client satisfactionBy utilising and growing these four main elements, we will achieve our vision of becoming the first choice of potential clients when seeking legal advice for general litigation and especially family law matters.


Our PASSION comes from our love for the Law and the satisfaction of rendering quality legal services.



Our DEDICATION is a by-product of our passion by fulfilling our need to assist clients in the most productive and result-orientated manner.


The KNOWLEDGE we have acquired through hard work and the fact that we continuously stay up to date with changes in the Law and even being a part of these changes by challenging aspects of the Law which are not conducive to a modern society that we live in today.

Client satisfaction

CLIENT SATISFACTION works closely with our KNOWLEDGE as we are actively involved in our clients' matters to enable us to identify the true needs of our clients and then providing them with the necessary services.

The four elements described above forms the corner stone of VK Attorneys' existence and it is applied in all aspects of the firm to ensure that our fresh, modern and open atmosphere is felt from the first instance that a potential client walks through our doors or visits our website up until the finalisation of his or her matter.
We have a fresh, modern management philosophy with an underlying professional culture which differentiates us from other law firms by creating an atmosphere where our clients feel a part of our family and where they still receive the high quality legal services.
We will broaden our client base by providing to the community, through our existing clients, that we provide the required legal assistance and achieve the results.

When becoming part of the VK Attorney family, the client is ensured of continuous feedback and realistic advice by taking cognisance of the client's personal circumstances and the relevant law.
Every satisfied client of the firm will be another step closer to reaching our goals whilst simultaneously ensuring that the client is well-looked after.
We look forward to you becoming part of our family.